“Design is the harmonious intersection of creativity and functionality, where every space becomes a canvas for innovation. My work is a testament to the power of thoughtful design, where form follows function, and where every detail carries the weight of my commitment to excellence”. 

Darren Kong is the founder of DKYK PTY LTD, a hybrid architectural and interior design firm based in Haymarket. He is the visionary force behind the firm, with a career spanning over a quarter of a century, Darren’s profound design acumen and leadership prowess have made him the cornerstone of the firm, serving as its Project Lead and trusted client representative on an array of transformative development projects.

As a bespoke design firm, Darren is able to provide personaliSed attention to each project and curate the most appropriate team of architects, engineers, and consultants to bring his clients & visions to life. He prides himself on being a proactive and reliable partner, delivering on promises and meeting the needs of his clients.

In addition to his work in architecture and design, Darren is also an active member of the local community. He is the founder of the Haymarket Institute, a not-for-profit organiSation, and serves as a panel advisor for the City of Sydney Council Multicultural Advisory Panel. He is committed to creating iconic designs that are both culturally sensitive and commercially sustainable, reflecting his passion for enhancing the built environment in a way that celebrates and supports the diverse communities he serves.

B Arch (Hons) UNSW, AIA, J.P.
Registered Architect NSW I VIC I ACT I WA I QLD
Design Practitioner, Principal Design Practitioner



“My approach to design is contemporary yet timeless, drawing from a myriad of historical and contemporary references and a strong sense of intuition. Carrying out research to understand the cultural and historical context is vital in our inception stage. It influences how we layer a sense of place into the design.”

Kenneth is an experienced architect focussed on the design and delivery of high quality residential, commercial and hospitality projects. He specialises in the early design and planning stages of the creative process, working with clients and sites to establish the conceptual basis and trajectory of a project. He also plays a pivotal role in managing client relations, industry networking, strategic planning and talent management.

He develops sound design strategies and innovative solutions that respond directly to a clients’ needs and motivations. His respectful and collaborative relationship with partners allows him to resolve complex design issues and navigate challenging projects through the planning and design development stages. Kenneth has built a culture of design in the practice, ensuring we have a broad spectrum of ability to meet the requirements of each project, and has helped to implement many new technologies within the studio, including virtual reality tools.


B Arch (Hons) UNSW
Registered Architect



“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication with thoughtful attention to detail, executed in a timeless manner.” 

With more than 20 years’ experience in architecture and interior, Gavin’s keen appreciation of quality design & detail and targets perfection on each project. He embraces the company core values, exemplifies passion and he also recognises the importance of a positive

and dynamic work in the delivery of great client service with excellent results.

Gavin has a great diversity in project experiences including commercial, hospitality, residential, retail, education and health, all of them promotes a deep cross-disciplinary insight. Aside from his project work, he plays a vital role in process and system development to ensure consistence
and high-quality design outcomes.

Gavin has led the design and realization of The Altron, The Consonance, High Street 126, The Mondrian Hotel, Fenix Furano Hotel and various hospitality and workplace projects such as Toritama, Lian Taikoo Li, Azalvo and Orbusneich. Gavin is a part of the Board of Directors of ADARC, and attained his professional experiences in renowned Architectural firms in both private and public sectors such as RMJM, Leigh & Orange and Architectural Services Department.

Cert. Arch AA,
Registered Architect



“Designing architecture and interior is about creating emotions. This dynamic immerses the end- user with the physical space and invites them to participate in the journey we have crafted. We ought to develop a distinctive language that is restrained in its elements but opulent in spirit. Creating a sense of calmness and serenity in every zone with our natural materials and colour palette.”

With significant experience in leading large architectural and consultant teams, Kelvin works with clients from the earliest stages of a project through to completion. He has extensive experience across commercial, residential, hospitality, infrastructure and urban design projects. Kelvin strives to create a feeling of authenticity, with an exceptional talent for ‘setting the scene’.

Kelvin attained his professional experiences in renowned Ronald Lu & Partners in Hong Kong and previously worked for the internationally acclaimed Sydney Architect, Bligh Voller Nield, he has designed some of the World’s most significant architecture projects such as master planning and design development of the Hellinikon Olympic Complex for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, the Beijing 2008 Olympic Green Tennis Centre, the National Bank of Australia and many others.

Kelvin was instrumental in translating the complex interfaces and briefs for Shanghai Wuyi Creative Park, Huaihai 627, New Bund International Centre, Qiantan Financial Centre, Funlive Starcrest Apartments, Lesso Four Seasons and numerous Runaway Cow Winery projects into architecture and interior design works that will achieve the highest commercial and liveability standards. 

B Arch (Hons) UNSW
Registered Architect

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